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Love notes from our couples.



Absolutely adore Melissa (and her husband-thanks Alan!) and all that she did to make my day the perfect dream I envisioned. We worked together to plan since I really had some solid things already thought through before we got together. She did a great job reeling me in when my ideas went a little above my budget and pitched some comprisable ideas to make the day go smoother since she has had so much experience, and this is my first time! She went all in, and I honestly couldn’t thank her more. She gets elegance, she gets rustic, she gets boho. The fact that she helped plan, set up, coordinate my day, take down, and coordinate pickup was such a blessing. To have someone that gets the vision and can execute the day as planned really is a huge weight off a bride's shoulders. I could breathe and dance and have fun and know she had it all taken care of. My venue had some quirks, some turbulence, some drama, and she went to bat for me and my husband. Not only is she a great planner/coordinator/visionary, but she is also on your side and your side only. My guests said to me days and weeks after, that my coordinator Melissa was so sweet, even took some photos of them when no one else could, personally asked if they needed anything, and LOOKED HAPPY even though she probably had a million things on her mind. That’s huge. To wear a smile throughout a 200-person outdoor wedding from noon to midnight? Anyone else would wear stress all over their face. She’s affordable, and extremely gracious with her rentals, comparable and competitive but actually cheaper than a lot of the other places I looked at. She has access to things she doesn’t have in her personal inventory and can make the vision come alive. She surprised me like a few things that she knew would complete the look that I had no idea we’re going to be there, and it was perfect. Pictures don’t do it justice. Communication was easy as pie. Facebook, email, Instagram, text; she’s got it all. Some things were just easier to text and others email and her response time was great. She could tell when I was stressing and she would always say “I got you, don’t stress” and I knew she meant that. Melissa, thank you from the bottom of my and Anthony’s hearts; we are so grateful to have worked with you.  Keep killin it girl!





I have heard about so many wedding planners over the last year. I really didn’t know what to expect or even what to ask for in one. When I realized we needed a wedding planner, I wanted to make sure I was gaining a friend. I didn’t have much support of family and friends to help me, nor would I ask. I mean, one would think people would offer help or even guidance planning a wedding. I know everyone is so busy with their own lives. I decided to read reviews from brides to help make my decision and was astonished to read what some brides expected of their wedding planner in their review. Some went above and beyond from what I was reading, and it seemed not appreciated then bashed online. I mean, I thought to myself… doesn’t she just help find vendors, and organize stuff? Then I found reviews about Melissa Snyder, Owner and Operator of Simple Celebrations. I like to refer to her as QUEEN.I found so many amazing reviews and decided I was going to reach out to her because I was lost in my planning, unsure of what I was doing, what my next step was, and what I was leaving out without realizing. One evening, I talked to Melissa on the phone for the first time and within minutes I was already in tears because I could hear the love, honesty, and eager to help without me even saying much!! My fiancé (now husband) asked Melissa to meet us for a beer to chat more. That evening when I officially first met her, she embraced me with the biggest hug as if we had been friends for 20 years and hadn’t seen each other in so long and yet it was the first time we ever met. We explained to her that we had no theme, not very many ideas, and basically had our Venue, cake and DJ. We talked that evening for what seemed to be hours. She asked us tons of questions and was able to get more out of us than we even knew we had to offer. We left that evening knowing 100% that she was going to be our Savior….. forget calling her a wedding planner! From that evening on she continued to call me, text me, and I also did the same thing. We were now friends… Friends that already seemed like family. I’m sure you can tell I don’t know how to make a long story short, and I could honestly talk about her for hours. Melissa lent me her shoulders to lean on, listened to my rants and venting, comforted my fears and even tears at the same time she did take all my stress away. While doing ALL this, she was helping me plan the wedding of my dreams. She made me the most beautiful bouquet, which included a picture of my dad who passed away several years ago. She was part of a surprise gift from my husband which was also in honor of my dad. She created my husband ‘s boutonniere which was a mini version of my bouquet. Her and her amazing husband Al created an arch for our alter at Artisan Works. I literally talked about this arch once and they built one and it was simply gorgeous. I can say with 100% honesty she read my mind and knew exactly what we wanted. She came up with every single idea from a welcome table, a memory table in honor of my dad, decorated our sweetheart table and dessert table gorgeously. She took very good care of myself and my husband, my entire bridal party and was a joy to be around. Scratch that, she was so fun to be around! She made our wedding invitations, created a beautiful seating chart, as well as kept in contact with all of our vendors as if she were me. Once again, I could go on and on about all the things that she did for us and I feel bad if I am leaving stuff out because I know I am. Melissa worked so hard for us, and I didn’t even ask her to go as far as she did. She did it all on her own. Honestly on the night of our wedding I wanted her to just drink and dance with us because she worked so hard for that evening, and it was all for my husband and I. I HIGHLY recommend my friend Melissa if you are searching for a friend in your wedding planner. All I ask of you is to treat her like a friend… a best friend. She will do anything for you and make your wedding dream come true.



Melissa has been extremely helpful from the moment we had started planning our wedding. We had reached out to her in the fall of 2019 with the plans of a wedding in May 2020. She was great about meeting with us and was very candid with what she envisioned, the procedures, etc. We had a few questions as we were doing a lot of this planning on our own. She offered recommendations when we needed them but had a great balance of not stepping on our toes with what we envisioned for a reception. She made the process less stressful and was great about offering her knowledge and expertise on planning for planning these types of events. Due to COVID-19, we had to scrap our wedding and reception plans for May 2020 and decided on getting married through an online ceremony in early July. Melissa agreed to officiate for us and brought over beautiful decorations for our mantel for the background of the camera. We were grateful she officiated our wedding with such short notice. She has been friendly and very easy to talk to throughout this whole process and we plan on postponing our reception to be a 1st anniversary in July 2021!



Where do I even begin? Melissa made our boho wedding dreams come true! We hired her looking for a day of coordinator, but she was truly so much more than that. From the very beginning she helped me plan my decor and I was able to access her huge inventory of decor to rent and when you rent from her, they bring it all and take it with them, so you don’t have to do any transporting!! She set up and tore down everything making it so that all our family and guests could just enjoy their time at the wedding. She went out of her way to bring extra decor that she thought would accentuate our venue and theme. She truly put so much effort into making our vision come to life!

I highly recommend using simple celebrations for your upcoming wedding! I am so thankful so her and her team!



I can’t say enough about Melissa! She was absolutely amazing. The attention to detail was out of this world. From start to finish, Melissa made this the most memorable day of my life. Everyone raved about the décor and how unique and amazing it was. Melissa was the calm in the storm. She went above and beyond in every aspect from taking my crying toddler for a walk so we could enjoy our entrance, to running to get the coffee I forgot, to buying my entire wedding flip flops after dinner because our feet were killing us. Her and her family are so amazing and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t hesitate using her for every part of my wedding. It was truly my fairytale Boho wedding I dreamed about. Thank you Melissa for everything. You are a true gem! We appreciate you!



I cannot recommend Melissa enough to help with all your wedding needs! I reached out to Melisssa a month prior to my wedding to be our day of planner. We had multiple consultations leading up to the wedding where she helped me coordinate all of our vendors and create the timeline for the day. Melissa went above and beyond on the day of our wedding to make sure everything went smoothly. We had numerous vendors and multiple locations and she made sure we were always in the right place at the right time, and everything was to our liking. She is also just a wonderful person! I don't know what we would have done without her and would strongly recommend her for any planning and coordinating needs.


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