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Absolutely adore Melissa (and her husband-thanks Alan!) and all that she did to make my day the perfect dream I envisioned. We worked together to plan since I really had some solid things already thought through before we got together. She did a great job reeling me in when my ideas went a little above my budget and pitched some comprisable ideas to make the day go smoother since she has had so much experience and this is my first time! She went all in and I honestly couldn’t thank her more. She gets elegance, she gets rustic, she gets boho. The fact that she helped plan, set up, coordinate my day, take down, and coordinate pickup was such a blessing. To have someone that gets the vision and can execute the day as planned really is a huge weight off a brides shoulders. I could breathe and dance and have fun and know she had it all taken care of. My venue had some quirks, some turbulence, some drama, and she went to bat for me and my husband. Not only is she a great planner/coordinator/visionary, she is on your side and your side only.

My guests said to me days and weeks after, that my coordinator Melissa was so sweet, even took some photos of them when no one else could, personally asked if they needed anything, and LOOKED HAPPY even though she probably had a million things on her mind. That’s huge. To wear a smile throughout a 200 person outdoor wedding from noon to midnight? Anyone else would wear stress all over their face. She’s affordable, and extremely gracious with her rentals, comparable and competitive but actually cheaper than a lot of the other places I looked at. She has access to things she doesn’t have in her personal inventory and can make the vision come alive. She surprised me like a few things that she knew would complete the look that I had no idea we’re going to be there and it was perfect. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Communication was easy as pie. Facebook, email, Instagram, text; she’s got it all. Some things were just easier to text and others email and her response time was great. She could tell when I was stressing and she would always say “I got you, don’t stress” and I knew she meant that.


Melissa, thank you from the bottom of my and Anthony’s hearts; we are so grateful to have worked with you.

Keep killin it girl!